Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Planting Trees!

   Aliant Energy and Trees Forever teamed together to sponsor a tree planting for Wsshington School.  Last week 4th graders help plant 6 trees, 3 honey locust trees and 3 lindin trees.  They are located at the south end of the building by the back parking lot.  4th graders helped dig, plant, and mulch the trees.  Avi Pogel was here to give directions on how to successfully plant the trees.

As part of the Dig In, Fairfield kick-off event for Fairfield's Hometown Rewards Program grant partnership with Alliant Energy, the City applied for another grant program that Alliant Energy runs with Trees Forever, called Branching Out. . The funding for our trees came from Alliant Energy with site planning and organizational support from Trees Forever.  

Here's more about the Hometown Rewards Program - www.fairfieldgogreen.com
More about Trees Forever - www.treesforever.org




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