Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Congratulations, Maya!

     Maya Gottshall was chosen as the student leader of the month for our 7 Habits program.  We had an assembly where one student from each grade was recognized.

     Maya Gottshall is a very kind and caring person.  She is sensitive to those around her and wants to help if someone is hurt or sad.  If a friend gets hurt at recess or in P.E. she will offer to get an ice pack and stay with that person until everything is OK.  Maya has a positive attitude toward her classmates and always tries to get along with others.  When working in group situations, she will listen to ideas first before adding her own suggestions.  Maya is a great example of someone who "seeks first to understand, then to be understood."  

     Maya also won the VFW contest "I Love America"  for 4th graders.  She read her essay at the VFW Mar. 12, 2012 along with the other winners.  It was clear Maya loves her country and is thankful to be living in the USA.  Congratulations, Maya!

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