Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking Ahead

     January is flying by.  I can't believe the school year is half over and we are now into the 2nd semester.  We've had a wonderful year so far, and I know we will continue to grow and learn in each area.  Report cards came home last week.  Let me know if your child did not receive one. 
     In Social Studies we are just finishing up the Southeast Region of the United States.  I have sent home several maps for your child to practice the states and capitals of this region.  We have a test over the SE Wednesday, January 25.
     Basic Skills are just around the corner.  We will be taking them the week of February 6 - 10.  The best way for your child to prepare for them is to get a good night's sleep and to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast.  I'm also asking for parents to please send snacks to share with the class.  Let me know if you can provide snacks for Basic Skills week.  Pretzels, crackers, or trail mix are just a few suggestions.
      Parent Teacher Conferences are also coming up. (Feb. 21 and 23)  This time around, I would like the conferences to be student- led.   I would like your child to accompany you to the conference and tell how he/she is doing in class.  I'll be sending home more information closer to conferences.  We will not have school Feb. 24.

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