Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4th Graders are Learning to Type!

4 times a week Mrs. LaVan comes to our for typing time.  We use Neo 2 type computers for this learning activity.   4th grade students are learning how to do keyboarding without looking at their hands!  They know what "home row" means and how to place their hands on the keyboard.  Mrs. LaVan stresses to the students about using proper posture and keeping fingers on home row. 

Read what Mira Pappin has to say about keyboading:
     "Mrs.  LaVan always says 'Try to meet your goal!'  My goal is to pass as many lessons as I can in typing.  Some kids in my class are so fast at typing.  In typing time there are Speed Builders and the first is learning the letters.  At the end there is a Big Speed Builder and knowing the letters test.  I love typing.   Kids in Mrs. Hanshaw's class love typing time."

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