Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Week in Review

     This past week was busy in our 4th grade class.  We finished up Chapter 2 in math.  This included measuring line segments in centimeters, working on harder adding and subtracting (3 digit + or - 3 digit numbers), place value in larger numbers up to hundred millions, and a geometry review.  Next up is starting to review basic multiplication/division facts.  Your child should be bringing home a math log each Monday.  (It's on the back of the reading log.)   I'll also be sending home multiplication flashcards to work on at home.  We'll be taking periodic timed tests over the basic multiplication facts, so it would really help to work on these facts at home.  Research supports the idea that children have a higher success in math if they know their basic multiplication facts.
     In social studies, we completed our study over the three branches of our United States Government.  We'll be moving on to the study of the Northeast region of the USA.  Your child will need to know the states and capitals over this region.  Perhaps you could begin working on them now.  We'll also be studying the geography, history, and climate of this region.
     In science, we finished up studying about invertebrates, animals without backbones.  Each student chose an invertebrate, researched it, and then wrote a report over it.  Some students researched slugs and cockroaches, while others learned about worms and jellyfish.  We also started sharing these reports with the class.  Over 90% of the world's animals are invertebrates! 

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