Monday, September 26, 2011

2011 -2012 Grades

The Fairfield Community School District is moving into a new system of grading for elementary students.  The traditional letter system (A,B,C, D, F) will no longer be in use for 4th graders.  Instead, a simple numbering system (1-5) will be used to monitor your child's academic growth and progress.  Tests, worksheets, projects, homework, and daily class work will still all be included in your child's school day.  We are simply going to be able to give all families more information about progress.  I am keeping much of the daily work we are doing in order to chart, monitor, and gain an understanding of student achievement.  The following paragraphs give you information about the numbering system and what each level means.

 Proficiency Level 5:  Exceeds Grade Level Expectations
  • Consistently demonstrates mastery beyond grade level
  • Needs Advanced assistance, instruction and guidance to further learn.
  • Engages to complete learning tasks thoroughly and accurately
  • Exhibits consistent deeper conceptual understanding of concepts skills
  • Independently makes connections to other concepts, skills and experiences

Proficiency Level 3:  Meets Grade Level Expectations
  • Demonstrates Steady grade level proficiency
  • Needs developmentally appropriate assistance, instructing and guidance.
  • Engages to complete learning tasks thoroughly and accurately.
  • Exhibits acceptable understanding of concepts and skills
  • Makes connections to their concepts, skills, and experiences with assistance.
  • Successfully acquires new knowledge and skill sets.

Proficiency Level 1:  Needs Reinforcement
  • Demonstrates minimal growth towards grade level proficiency
  • Needs significant additional assistance, instruction and guidance
  • Needs additional attention to engage in completing learning tasks thoroughly and accurately
  • Exhibits repeated misunderstanding
  • Makes little to no connections to other concepts and skills
  • Struggles to acquire new knowledge and skill sets.

The most important point for me to stress is a "3" does not correlate to a "C."  It simply means your child is meeting grade level expectations.  I know many of you will have questions.  Please feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to try and clarify any confusion.

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